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Managing Principal

Dave Stauch has more than 35 years of experience in the Central Texas development and construction industry, providing direct leadership on many of Austin’s most high-profile and award-winning projects. These include: 

·         Restoration and Extension of the Texas State Capitol,

·         Mixed-use redevelopment of the Seaholm Power Plant site,

·         Relocation and expansion of the Concordia University campus, 

·         Creation of Sematech, a semiconductor research consortium,

·         The Independent, tallest residential tower west of the Mississippi.

He has also led the recovery of troubled projects, such as the Travis County Justice Center program and the George Mitchell Basic Sciences Research Building project at MD Anderson.  His career totals include several million SF and over $3.5 billion in a wide variety of projects.  He is also a highly regarded construction claims consultant and testifying expert witness.

Dave graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Building Construction. Prior to founding CPM, he was the co-founder and then managing partner of the PM firm HS&A for 17 years.

Dave has served on the boards of the American Red Cross of Central Texas, Austin Habitat for Humanity and the Western Hills Little League, where he is sometimes known as 'Coach'. He also served in leadership roles with the Urban Land Institute of Austin, including District Council Chair. Outside of work, Dave is known for his excellent taste in scotch and his mediocre golf game. Other valuable skills include bent nail straightening and plumb bob verification.  He spends most weekends at Lake LBJ - or in Aggieland during the fall.  He is married with two grown children and is 'Papi' to his grandkids.

 "I know him as the 'big project guy.' "
 Rick Reed, Partner at DuBois Bryant & Campbell 


“There are a lot of smart people out there, but not many who have good judgment and can guide you in a multi-disciplinary way. We needed somebody who could take responsibility for our project, and CPM has done that exceptionally well.”

— Clarke Heidrick, Partner, McGinnis Lochridge; Chairman of the Board, RBJ Center



“They get into the details, figure out a solution and implement a plan that is a win-win for all parties involved. They’re very professional, but they’re also fun. We enjoy having a drink and spending time with them outside of work. They’re just good folks, and we’ve become friends.”

— Mark Rogers, Development Partner, Eureka Holdings


“Dave and his team have an uncanny ability to understand the development and political climate and deliver great value and expertise to any project, especially complicated multi-faceted projects.”

— Terry Mitchell, President, Momark Development


“They are great advocates and really look after our interests. At the end of the day they represent us first and offer honest opinions.

— Lambert Boyd, Operations Director, Austin Ridge Bible Church


“Dave has a tremendous breadth of experience, and he’s a great communicator. He’s able to keep track of a million details without getting bogged down in the minutia, and he quickly gets to the bottom of a situation and finds a solution. He’s the best project manager I ever had anything to do with in 40 years of practicing construction law.”

— Joe Davis, Senior Counsel, Husch Blackwell


“I would absolutely recommend Joe to anyone. He’s a solid performer with great technical skills, and he’s a good, honest, hard-working, ethical guy.”

— Greg Wilkinson, Co-Chairman, Hill & Wilkinson Contractors



“Dave has a lot of real-world experience, and it gives him a unique perspective. He has a real good sense about what’s going on between an owner and contractors that many expert witnesses don’t have. I’d recommend CPM to anyone.”

— Rob Roy Parnell, Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities, Texas State University System


“Whatever fees they get paid, they end up saving that owner money in the long run.”

— Mike Nieft, President, IE2 Construction


“Dave added immeasurable value to our project and just made everything easy. He always has his client’s best interests in heart, and he treats the project as though it was something he was doing for himself.”

— Cal Varner, Greater Mt. Zion


“Dave can set a course and encounter all sorts of turmoil and tumultuous waves and currents and get you to the finish line in a very effective manner.”

— Emily Little, Clayton & Little 


 “They have a deep understanding of complex construction and the ability to approach the situation with a level head and the willingness to solve problems. They are able to help create cost savings in the field by understanding how things work.”

— Kevin Burns, Broker/CEO Urbanspace


“I have relied on Dave Stauch in numerous matters where I needed an expert who can address a wide range of construction, cost and/or schedule issues.  In addition to being knowledgeable, he’s independent and a straight shooter.

— Matt Sullivan, Partner, DuBois, Bryant & Campbell